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The crew

Meet the Team

This is the fam. The squad. The band of human beings who are every bit as unique, wacky and wonderfully weird as we are creative, intelligent and wildly talented. Get to know what makes us tick, before we help make you tick.

Our Mission

We are witty, value-driven, collaborative & multi-talented. Dedicated to turning great ideas into perception-shifting content. All thanks to a collective of producers, directors, cinematographers, animators, writers, editors, musicians, sound mixers and casting directors dedicated to helping brands tell their ever-evolving stories.


Executive Producer / President


Cam has more ideas than Alpha Centauri has hydrogen atoms. He loves coming up with them. Talking about them. And maybe it’s talent, maybe it’s paternal instinct – but he has this ability to nurture even the smallest idea into a compelling story. If you have a project, he has an idea for it.



Three things about Tony (only two are true): (1) Tony is legally a lethal weapon; (2) Tony was a feature film stuntman; (3) Tony spent a whole day pretending to be B-List actor, Justin Long.  Bonus fourth fact that is definitely true - Tony is a Post-Production Wizard.

Motion Design


If Isabelle had a resume when she was 9, it would highlight her proficiencies in PowerPoint animation and MS Paint. Isabelle still manages to approach design with the same playful mindset, finding stories in shapes and color…while using current industry-standard software.

Director of Photography


Effulgent.  Lachrymose.  Rhadamanthine.  These words may have been used to describe Dom’s cinematography.  But he doesn’t care.  Adjectives mean nothing to Dom.  His sole focus in life is creating images that tell stories.

Sound Designer / Mixer


A sound blender / kneader / merger / mingler / stirrer / concoctor / combiner / amalgamator / fuser / compounder / dissolver.  He also designs and mixes. Yankee fan.

Director / Editor


Zak’s power comes from his curls.  And they are powerfully creative.  Zak is a commercial director and editor who has worked for Amazon, Apple, Activision and FedEx.  #PremiereFoLyfe though we try to make him #Avid every now and then.

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