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The crew

Meet the Team

This is the fam. The squad. The band of human beings who are every bit as unique, wacky and wonderfully weird as we are creative, intelligent and wildly talented. Get to know what makes us tick, before we help make you tick.

Our Mission

We are witty, value-driven, collaborative & multi-talented. Dedicated to turning great ideas into perception-shifting content. All thanks to a collective of producers, directors, cinematographers, animators, writers, editors, musicians, sound mixers and casting directors dedicated to helping brands tell their ever-evolving stories.

Executive Producer / President


Cam would give you the shirt off his back -- and pitch three brilliant ideas before you finished buttoning up that well-pressed poly-cotton blend. You see, Cam’s passion for building brands through well-conceived, well-crafted storytelling is only rivaled by his passion for falconry.



Superhero children have autographed posters of Tony in their bedrooms. It’s been rumored Tony is Bruce Lee incarnate. It’s NO rumor that this former traveling acrobat is also a master of post production. He’s cut spots for the likes of GE, NFLPA, Fedex, just to name drop a few. He has the power to save your brand, and your life, in the same afternoon.

Tony (1).jpg


Cora is the second-most claimed spirit animal on the planet -- above bengal tiger, just below unicorn. She hikes. She bikes. When she’s not leaving you in a trail of dust, she’s delivering the moon. Yep, this master of production has done it all, from indie films to tv spots to hip-hop festivals. Maybe it’s her Pennsylvanian roots, but you won’t meet a kinder-hearted industry savage than Cora.

Motion Designer


Julie wasn’t born, she was carved…out of marble and talent. Some say she’s a direct descendent of Athena. Makes sense, considering she’s a goddess of motion design. Her work is gorgeous, mesmerizing, not of mortal hands. Gentle, joyful weeping is a totally natural response to experiencing Julie’s creations.

Summer Intern


Kathy is a Summer intern who believes in the power of great storytelling to make people feel heard, validated, and listened to. She began her journey with a degree in film from DePaul University and now dreams of connecting with filmmakers and storytellers on a larger scale. Kathy lives in Chicago, Illinois, and loves reading, cooking (Gumbo is her specialty), fitness, and travel. She also loves studying French and hopes to speak it fluently.

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